Anonymous for the Voiceless
602 groups, 14 members, since 2021
Specializing in edifying the public on animal abuse and fostering highly effective activism groups worldwide. We hold an abolitionist stance against all forms of animal exploitation and promote a clear animal rights message.
Independent Groups
2 groups, 11 members, since 2021
Groups that are not a part of any global network or organization.
Hunt Saboteurs Association
52 groups, 3 members, since 2021
The Hunt Saboteurs Association is a United Kingdom organisation that uses hunt sabotage as a means of direct action to stop fox hunting. It was founded in 1963. Hunt saboteurs are experienced in using non-violent direct action tactics to save the lives of thousands of hunted animals every season.
Roots of Morality
9 groups, 1 members, since 2021
Currently Roots of Morality is working on a new concept. Soon an announcement will be made, and a new concept and website will be launched. We’re pretty excited about it! Until then, keep an eye on our facebook page if you’d like to hear about it first.
Activists for the Victims
19 groups, 1 members, since 2021
Durch friedlichen effektiven Straßenaktivismus treiben wir die vegane Lebensweise voran und bekämpfen den Speziesismus in unserer Gesellschaft.
21 groups, 1 members, since 2021
We Are Thinking Animals​ United. We believe animals are sentient beings and share the same natural right as humans to inhabit this planet.
Albert Schweitzer Foundation
37 groups, 1 members, since 2021
The Albert Schweitzer Foundation runs high-impact campaigns to end factory farming and to advance plant-based eating.
Animal Rebellion
52 groups, 1 members, since 2021
Animal Rebellion is an animal and climate justice movement with the stated aim of compelling government action towards a plant-based food system. Their justification for the introduction of such a system is the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, species extinction and ecosystem breakdown.
Animal Rights Watch
36 groups, 1 members, since 2021
The aim of the Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA) association is the abolition of all forms of exploitation and oppression of animals. We demand respect for the lives of “others”, regardless of whether they are animals that are classified as “farm animals”, “domestic animals”, “wild animals” or humans.
People Ethical Treatment of Animals
38 groups, 1 members, since 2021
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and led by Ingrid Newkirk, its international president. The nonprofit corporation claims 6.5 million supporters.
The Earthlings Experience
89 groups, 1 members, since 2021
'If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time.'- Noam Chomsky
Animal Save Movement
553 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Our mission is to hold vigils at every slaughterhouse and bear witness to every exploited animal; reverse catastrophic climate; and ensure plant-based diets are accessible to prevent disease and improve the quality of life in our community.
Direct Action Everywhere
0 groups, 0 members, since 2021
International grassroots network of animal rights activists founded in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area. DxE uses disruptive protests and non-violent direct action tactics, such as open rescue of animals from factory farms.
Total Insyn
3 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Total insyn är en organisation som kräver total insyn i den Svenska djurindustrin. @totaltransparency #totalinsyn
3 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Swissveg, previously known as the Swiss Association for Vegetarianism is a Swiss association in the legal context of article 60ff of the Swiss civil code, where members are exclusively vegetarians.
Swiss League
3 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Swiss Animal Protection SAP is the umbrella organization of 71 cantonal and regional animal protection societies in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Justice for Animals
2 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Celebrating a compassionate, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle! JFA is a non profit organization getting people in Pittsburgh organized to help animals! We do river clean ups, protest the circus, horse carriage rides, fur and animal testing labs.
Animalisti Itliani
16 groups, 0 members, since 2021
The Association of Italian Animalists has chosen from the beginning to combine theory with practice in the defense of animals: we have therefore chosen to combine the nonviolent direct actions, the blitzes, to the demonstrations, the tables, the collections of signatures, the bills. , complaints and direct care of abused, abused or abandoned animals.
8 groups, 0 members, since 2021
AnimaNaturalis is an international non profit animal rights organization whose mission is to "Establish, promote and protect the rights of all animals in Spain and Latin America.
Partido Animalista
1 groups, 0 members, since 2021
The Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals is a Spanish political party founded in Bilbao on 24 February 2003. It is focused on animal rights and animal welfare, as a part of the requirement of respect for the right to life.
Circle of Silence
1 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Yams mushrooms organic berries gobble. Mooo cat daisys, grunt in turkey coo, windmill at bull. Goose hammers cattle rats in crows. Outhouse at nails mower. Lamb in eggplant baler rain barrels manure hay rake.
The Animal Liberators
12 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Yams mushrooms organic berries gobble. Mooo cat daisys, grunt in turkey coo, windmill at bull. Goose hammers cattle rats in crows. Outhouse at nails mower. Lamb in eggplant baler rain barrels manure hay rake.
Association against Animal Factories
8 groups, 0 members, since 2021
We at Association against Animal Factories (VGT) are dedicated to reducing animal exploitation and abuse and stopping these practices in the long run. VGT is an independent association, unaffiliated to any political party and entirely financed by public donations.
Animal Reality Exposed
11 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Animal Reality Exposed' is a movement championing to fight against animal suffering and for the rights of animals to be protected. “The whole problem is animal use. And if we could find alternatives instead we can realize we can be a compassionate mankind and just respect animals.
Doctors Against Animal Experiments
17 groups, 0 members, since 2021
We are a charitable organisation of doctors and scientists who work in the medical field. We support the immediate abolition of all animal experiments on ethical and scientific grounds. In order to make the cruel and unscientific nature of animal experiments public, we provide scientifically based information material on animal experiments both for doctors and scientists, as well as for the general public.
Students opposing Speciesism
92 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) is a PETA-backed revolt led by young people in cities all over the U.S. and Canada who want to take action to challenge the norm and help end speciesism.
Animal Libre
28 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Animal Libre es una Organización No Gubernamental Internacional fundada el año 2010 en Chile y que orienta su trabajo para buscar acelerar el proceso de transformación social donde los animales sean considerados moralmente1​con un activismo constante en el cual promueven el veganismo2 y los derechos animales.
16 groups, 0 members, since 2021
Viva! is a British animal rights group, which focuses on promoting veganism. It was founded by Juliet Gellatley in 1994. Viva! carries out undercover investigations to expose the abuse of factory farmed animals and produces information on how to go vegan, including recipes and shopping guides.
Allies for Liberation
44 groups, 0 members, since 2021
AxL is an independent, anti-speciesist organization aiming at animal liberation through street activism. AxL openly takes a pro-intersectional and abolitionist stance against all kinds of oppression and discrimination. Born in Italy, expanding worldwide.
World Saving Hustle
43 groups, 0 members, since 2021
WSH is a networking organization that works towards creating a better world by fighting for nature, animal- and human rights. The organization is for everyone who wants to learn about and take action to create a society where humans, nature and animals all can exist together in harmony.
73 groups, 0 members, since 2021
L214 is a French animal rights organization. It was founded in 2008 by the action group "Stop Gavage" for the abolition of foie gras, which now continues its actions within L214.