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What is Activist Hub?

Activist Hub is an online tool that allows activists to see how many people they have inspired to watch documentaries, take a vegan challenge, request a mentor, and to even go vegan!

Activist Hub is also the world’s first animal rights social network. Add friends, join groups, create or share posts, and message other activists!


Join or create a group

Each group has a unique code created just for you. Write down your code on outreach cards and materials!

You can also create multiple unique links, for your online activism or social media.


Share your code

Start sharing your code or links to inspire others to go vegan by giving them access to helpful videos and resources.

Your dashboard will show how many people were inspired to go vegan, thanks to you.


Measure your impact

Test different campaigns or ways of advocating to see what inspires the greatest amount of positive change!

Your data is just for you, so nobody else will be able to see your individual results.

Our community

We believe in building robust data and analytical tools and leveraging innovative design to serve and support others.

We welcome anyone to our platform who wishes to defend animals and shares our values of kindness, fairness, nonviolence, and respect toward others.

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45,219 Total actions

Tracking your impact

Our dashboard shows you how many people have visited (which showcases some of the best online vegan resources), watch documentaries, take a vegan challenge, and even go vegan!

You can customize which movies and resources display for both your group and when you share your links.

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What's next?

Use our data-gathering technology and network of activists to help you make informed, strategic decisions about your animal rights activism. When we all work together, our impact is greater.

The days of wondering whether or not our activism is effective are over. So what are you waiting for? Get started below!

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