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The days of wondering whether or not our activism is effective are over. Activist Hub is the world’s first street outreach dashboard that provides volunteers with the ability to monitor and understand their effectiveness through real data and analytics (DnA).

Take an Evidence-Based Approach

One of the most apparent gaps in the grassroots animal rights movement is the inability of organizations to understand and accurately report on the results of their efforts. How many members of the public took action after an animal rights event? How many watched a documentary or took a vegan challenge as a result? How many people decided to go vegan after being exposed to this information? Without these statistics, it is impossible to accurately gauge our impact. Given the importance of relevant data and analytics when gauging effectiveness, Activist Hub developed technology to collect large amounts of data at the individual, group, regional and organizational levels. Organizers and volunteers will have open access to data related to them and their group's effectiveness. At the organizational level, data analysis can be relied upon heavily for strategic decision-making by organizations themselves.

Great! And does it work?

From the activist's perspective

Sarah joins her local Anonymous for the Voiceless group in Amsterdam by using the Explore page on Activist Hub. Upon joining Sarah automatically receives a unique code that links her to that group, for example, AMS23, which she can print or write directly on her personalized outreach cards. These cards not only include Sarah's code, but also link(s) to Anonymous for the Voiceless's website/page. Sarah hands these cards out at street outreach events, and when members of the public visit those links, they will be prompted to enter the provided code on their card. From then on every documentary watched, resource clicked, and challenge taken will be recorded just for Sarah. Sarah will be able to view her personalized statistics and make appropriate changes to her outreach, or she can see her entire groups or organizations combined statistics and compare them to other groups.

From the organization's perspective

Organizations signed up through Activist Hub will be able to manage their local groups, events, organizers and volunteers. For us to track data and deliver it on their Dashboard, the organization has three options to pick from:

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Organizations can link directly to our website which is a pre-made website that already includes resources for non-vegans, like Dominion, Seaspiracy, Vegan Bootcamp, and other books and links.


Organizations can use Activist Hub to build their own custom page with whatever videos or resources they want to promote, then link to it with a custom domain.


Organizations that already have a website/page with resources they want to link to can just add a snippet of code from us so that we can track the resources viewed there.

No matter which option the organization decides on, we'll track everything that happens on that page and input that data (anonymously) into the activist's and organization's dashboard.

What will you be doing with this data?

In addition to informing individuals of their personal activism results (leading to individual strategic decisions, coaching, and as a motivational tool), data will positively impact the movement as a whole. Activist Hub will be able to measure the impact of different variables on the street outreach experience. For example, Activist Hub will measure actions taken by members of the public from different organizations depending on the type of footage shown at outreach events (“graphic” footage, “sad” footage, “happy” animal footage). Through testing, distinguishing which videos lead to the highest engagement from the public will inform strategic decisions that we can then recommend to organizations using our tools.

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That's it! Are you an organizer and want to get your group started? Click here to view our get started guide!