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Apr 23

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Rotterdam, Netherlands
Cube of Truth: Rotterdam

Hosted by Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sun, Apr 23, 2023, 12:45PM - 04:00PM UTC

Rotterdam, ZH

The Cube of Truth is a street outreach campaign that employs direct action with the public, in a structured manner. We use standard practice footage displayed on screens to expose the truth about animal agriculture to the public and one on one conversations to educate them about animal exploitation. Before attending a Cube of Truth it is mandatory that you learn our AV Outreach Protocol of by watching the full “Holding Non-Vegans Accountable” outreach workshop and reading our AV Outreach Protocol document:

Holding Non-Vegans Accountable Workshop:

AV Outreach Protocol:

Screens, masks, signs, and outreach cards are provided by the organisers.

When attending a Cube of Truth, please do not bring bags or personal belongings unless you absolutely need to. If you do, this means you will be wearing your bag for the duration of the event, so pack lightly. Any items brought to the Cube are your responsibility. ORGANISERS WILL NOT BE STORING AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN ANY WAY.

Always wear weather appropriate, PLAIN BLACK or AV branded clothing without any graphics, including logos of other organisations and/or vegan messages. This is essential to our aesthetic. You can purchase official AV clothing on our website: Absolutely no animal derived clothing and no fake fur (including faux fur trims) is to be worn at a Cube of Truth.

Respect AV chapter organisers and other volunteers at all times, adhere to our structure and represent our core values while attending a Cube of Truth. The seriousness and professionalism of our actions are directly proportional to how the public perceives us.

Thank You for Standing With Us.

98 Lijnbaan

Rotterdam, ZH

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