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End Japan dolphin slaughters

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Tokyo, Tokyo, JP

Many have seen dolphin torture images from Japan. They repeat every year with no change. Why? Because Japanese people don't know dolphins are killed or eaten. Japan only knows about whales.

We need to grow broad awareness across Japan that can then mount political pressure in Tokyo.

Activists inside Japan desperately need our help to redirect this issue in a powerful new direction based on evidence and truth about confirmed dangers to dolphin consumers.

How can you help?

There is an opportunity for people to directly influence Japan from anywhere. All you have to do is stay home! No Japanese is needed. It’s free and all provided materials are translated in perfect, native Japanese. You would be posting prepared educational videos (on your own youtube channel) to teach Japan THE TRUTH about this issue, to build a movement in Japan. Those in Japan that are aware that dolphins are killed and eaten have no idea the government is lying to them and hiding many problems. You’d be helping teach Japan the truth to inspire change from within Japan. Be the change you want to see.

Videos you would be posting on your newly (dedicated) youtube channel are for dolphin facilities in Japan. So, for example, if you are Japanese and you search for an aquarium on youtube, you would see the usual dolphin show videos but then you would also see this in your search:

… videos about cruelty slaughters, confirmed poisoning of Japanese dolphin eaters, and the lies and cover-up happening in Japan surrounding this industry. These videos link the problem in Japan with the dolphin facility that supports it.


  1. Teach Japan dolphins are killed and eaten.

  2. Teach Japan the truth about confirmed dangers and many other lies occurring.

  3. Pressure entertainment facilities indefinitely

**You do NOT have to be in Japan or speak/write Japanese to do this

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