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Here for all animals but particularly those unable to communicate with us, or defend themselves.

I was a vegetarian from 1984 until becoming vegan in 2014, active in actually speaking for animals in 2017.

I always had a feeling humanity harming and killing animals was wrong, yet such was the ingrained brainwashing of education and family and friends' social pressure, I was made to believe what we did to them was normal, needed, and necessary. It never was of course and I likely knew it.

Veganism only came about through a meat-eating friend who went vegan immediately she heard what I had to say about what happened to farm animals, I shamefully took another year to fully remove the very little I was still consuming from animals, still making myself believe a little made no difference. It is extremely obvious to me now that even the smallest amount that can be removed does make a difference, as others reducing see it as alright to still have a little if someone purporting to be vegan still does too.

The victim must always be considered before our choice.

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