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Author of 'Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest' addressing the topic of animal testing which was shortlisted for the LUSH Prize 2022 in the category of Public Awareness. Self-published. Now available in EN, DE, IT and PL. Written for middle-graders, loved by adults, too.

Founder of Ethical Brand Marketing to help animal-protecting visionary leaders create a non-manipulative marketing strategy as marketing is highly responsible for environmental damage, excessive consumerism, etc.

Contributor to Entrepreneur Europe, Thrive Global, Raidboxes (green webhost in Münster, Germany), guest lecture at universities about ethical marketing and conscious consumerism.

Nature documentary narrator.

US expat living in Germany. I could write a book just about that!

Former animal caretaker for veterinarians in high school and college, so I'm assuming I started my activism work during this time. I have no idea, I always spoke for the animals, even as a young child growing up in the 70s.

Born and raised on Long Island in NY, living in Germany since 1995.

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