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Nicola Harris

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Bournemouth, UK

With over 20 years experience in pressure campaigning in the UK, Nicola is a director of communications at Animal Save Movement and Plant Based Treaty. She studied Psychology and Computing at Bournemouth University where she learned how to apply our knowledge of human memory and information processing for application in communication, copy writing and media strategies, graphic design and user interface design. She coordinates the website and blog team, as well as working on the Plant Based Treaty newsletter, email actions, internal and external communications.

When she took on the role of communications in 2007 for SHAC UK she became a victim of state repression and alongside other campaigners received a lengthy prison sentence for her activism under controversial and undemocratic legislation targeting freedom of expression. She is a named victim in the UK judge-led Undercover Policing in the miscarriage of justice category. For more information see

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